Saturday, November 12, 2005

party in ottawa

i went to ottawa for a party. my friend jonah bought a house and my other friends dave, mac, jordy, and another guy are all living there. the house warming was awesome. they rented a hottub and dave spun some tunes. just good to see my good friends. here are a few pics.

hey boys Posted by Picasa

ronnie, smoking is bad  Posted by Picasa

what a scarrrry halloween

this was a great halloween!! the second annual halloween bash at the 28 cecil mansion was a big success with well over a hundred people attending (mostly in costume), great decorations and a lot of fun ramblings. thanks to eveyone who came out. look forward to next year's party. i personally enjoyed myself. of what i remember there was a beer bong, some asian guy feeding me imad's vodka, dancin', playing drums for an impromptu band practice with kyle on harmonica, a gorgeous girl in red, landlords disguised as friends, drinking dice games while speaking mandarin, an uncomfortable couch, etc. just check out the pics. if you have more, send them to me.

me and tai, dressed as a pir(l)ate, hammin' it up Posted by Picasa

yo man, ayham you be jammin' Posted by Picasa

halloween - those dolls are creepy!! Posted by Picasa