Wednesday, July 26, 2006

canada day

canada day in is a tradition for me that has been going on quite some time. last year was the first year that i spent canada day in another place (yangshou) and coming back this year, i feel like it is different. i invited a bunch of buddies from toronto, threw a party with my sister at my dad's house in almonte, partied at the chez hourani, then did the fireworks and magic place bit. downtown was dead compared to previous years. maybe because of the overcast weather. anyway, it was still a good weekend. i went fishing with my dad and bro and met up with ben and other people. some good pics. i don't know what i will do next year. we'll see. pics are here.

jesse(f), l to r - adam, kim, chris, tai, me, frenchie (behind the leaves), muguet, john Posted by Picasa

the fireworks even made designs like this heart Posted by Picasa

bang! pow! yipee! Posted by Picasa

frenchie is doing a shiruken on tai and me Posted by Picasa