Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seoul Mystery Food

Want to know what I'm eating? Check out our latest post on Korean street food over at Rory and my wedding blog, In Yeon.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Famous Koreans marrying on the same day as us!

So it turns out that Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young, two of Korea's most famous actors are getting married. This is big news for their fans and for most Asians around the world who know who these two people are. I personally don't know them and have never even heard of them. However, they have decided to get married on the same date as us so we are now mortal enemies (just kidding). Read about it over on our wedding blog, In Yeon

Top 5 things that Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young have in common with Jamie and Rory:
1) The female in the relationship is Korean
2) We are getting married on the same day in the same city in the same area
3) They are marrying in the hotel where my dad is staying
4) They are a good looking couple ;)
5) They are an extremely, super, rediculously good looking couple!

Feel free to make your own comparisons or debunk some in our Top 5 list.