Thursday, January 05, 2006

x-mas, snowboarding and new year's oh my

this was a fun holiday. ayham accompanied me to ottawa for a great christmas at my dad's. my mom, grammi, brother, sister, dog, cat, and a lot of rain were there too. ottawa was great. saw all my pallies including neal and gloria who came up from pheonix. partied hard. ate lots. slept little. tai met up with us and we took off to sainte sauveur for a few days of snowboarding. the weather was great. fresh powder and sunshine. from there we booked a hotel in montreal and met up with tai's girl jen. shopped, ate and i got sick. new years was spent at jet nightclub for just under $100. don't know if it was worth it but if i can't can't remember so well then i guess it was. the next morning i realized that i broke the lcd on my camera when i fell on my ass crossing the street on the way back to the hotel. so these might be the last pictures you will ever see from my trusted cannon sd300 digital elph. it and my mp3 made it 6 months through asia but i spend one weekend in montreal and they both get destroyed. all my music is gone. i don't know what happened but my machine just died. if anyone anywhere who knows my tastes can get me some digital stuff, i will buy a replacement soon. i need music!!! anyway, so that was my holiday. hope everyone had a safe and fun one with their loved ones. now it is back to work. i look forward to it actually...i need the vacation. see the pics here.

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