Tuesday, December 12, 2006

party at the boat

my buddy keith hamilton set up this show with a whole whack of bands playing three or four songs before switching off. in between they had comedians too. it went really well i thought. it was at the boat and the people all seemed to kinda know each other. i went to see ohbijou but the highlight of the night was henri faberge and the adorables. these guys were having so much fun they got the crowd going at like two in the morning on a monday night to the point where people on stage started to strip down and then people in the audience did too. whacky fun. i felt like crap the next day but i had a blast. here are some more pics.

Monday, December 11, 2006

riverdale farm

a farm in the middle of the city? it's true. i used to go to day camp here when i was a lad. it was a great day sunday and i felt like a stroll so i came here. saw some horses and sheep and an ass (just wanted to say it) and some chickens. wasn't as awesome as it was as a kid but hey, i saw an ass.

silk screening seminar

my buddy frenchie has been doing some pretty great things with his silk screening kit to the point where he got sick of people asking him how he does it. so he decided to do a little lesson. it was a pretty neat way to spend a hungover sunday morning. nothing too crazy here. just a couple pics but i thought i would post in case anyone else was ever interested in learning. maybe he will do another one some time.