Monday, August 31, 2009

catching up to myself

why i don't find the time to post anymore is really more an indication of my tendency towards inertia and less about the fact that i don't really have anything to say. how someone can move 'towards inertia' is quite peculiar, i realize, but it really is a character flaw that i've learned to accept nearly 30 years into my existence. it is either a product of or a reason that i am pretty good at everything but not really great at anything. making music, playing basketball, creative writing and this blog are examples of things i was driven towards but eventually let stagnate as i moved on to new ventures and to practice new skills. even finishing video games is tremendously difficult for me because as the end nears i abandon it and move on. can i not commit? can i not focus? obviously not because this post isn't really supposed to be about my inertia...

truthfully, a lot has happened since last i graced my blog with ramblings. ive passed another year and a half in the squelching shadow of dubai. i've become engaged. i've had great visits from both parents, each reminding me that i should be more homesick than i ever am. i recently travelled home for a holiday. i've gained a significant ammount of girth in my midsection. i've eaten lots of kimchi (likely related to my girth). i'm trying to learn korean. i'm looking for a new place live. i guess i'm a bit wrestless again, as it's been over two years in the same place and so feels - for lack of a better word - funny.

so, as it happens, i was just watching finding forester with sean connery and i was reminded that i am inert again with my writing. this feeling at least gave me the momentum to write this post and, since i have to go to bed and don't have the time to write something else, post a poem or two on my other blog to remind me that i used to like writing and was decent at it. so if you read this and you feel like reading this, then please feel free to tear it to shreds as it might just jolt me enough to rework it and in doing so rekindle my old desires. the title is 어디에, which is pronounced 'odi ai', which means 'where?'

hopefully i will be on here more often. cheers.