Sunday, October 16, 2005

toronto skyline from ward's island on the toronto islands Posted by Picasa

sudbury for thanksgiving

well i haven't updated this thing in a while and the only reason really is because i have become lazy. that and the fact that i am not travelling really right now and i figured that you all who are still checking this blog probably don't care about what is happening with me these days. i would like to recap on my experiences though. since arriving back in canada i have been overwhelmed by many things but mostly by the strange fact that my six month trip feels only slightly more than a daydream and that, were it not for the pictures and scars (and new tattoo) i probably wouldn't be able to remember anything concrete. for this reason i am really content that i blogged the whole ordeal. really, i think that this whole travelling itch people get once they have begun exploring parts unknown stems more from a serious form of withdrawl, much like a night of heavy drinking where you find yourself in a daze, most likely draped over a couch cushion in some random house you don't remember ever being at and realizing that, despite serious blocks of missing time and memory, there is a great sense that you had the time of your life and would do anything to try and reconstruct a similar party with similar friends and have similar experiences. for half a year i have been living a party that has, i will concede, abruptly ended with a 22 hour flight, some sobering facts about my homelife, a city that i don't recognize, a new appartment and an endless job search. who wouldn't want to just jump back on a plane or boat or whatever to start the party up all over again. why does 'real life' have to be built with the uniform grey lego blocks of a 'real job', 'real home', 'real love' and 'real priorities'? anyway, sorry for the rant. it was a wonderful trip and adventure and anyone who wants to ask more specific questions can email me at so...since i have been back i moved into a new place with my pal james, have been interviewing for a new job and just trying to reaquaint myself with friends and toronto and such. this pic is of me and my sis and cousins in sudbury. i have more pics here if you like from our thanksgiving there. it is really good to be back though. except that i want to be back in asia...i am torn...

l to r - my sis kaitlyn, my cousin shannon, me and my cousin sarah in sudbury for thanksgiving Posted by Picasa