Tuesday, December 12, 2006

party at the boat

my buddy keith hamilton set up this show with a whole whack of bands playing three or four songs before switching off. in between they had comedians too. it went really well i thought. it was at the boat and the people all seemed to kinda know each other. i went to see ohbijou but the highlight of the night was henri faberge and the adorables. these guys were having so much fun they got the crowd going at like two in the morning on a monday night to the point where people on stage started to strip down and then people in the audience did too. whacky fun. i felt like crap the next day but i had a blast. here are some more pics.

Monday, December 11, 2006

riverdale farm

a farm in the middle of the city? it's true. i used to go to day camp here when i was a lad. it was a great day sunday and i felt like a stroll so i came here. saw some horses and sheep and an ass (just wanted to say it) and some chickens. wasn't as awesome as it was as a kid but hey, i saw an ass.

silk screening seminar

my buddy frenchie has been doing some pretty great things with his silk screening kit to the point where he got sick of people asking him how he does it. so he decided to do a little lesson. it was a pretty neat way to spend a hungover sunday morning. nothing too crazy here. just a couple pics but i thought i would post in case anyone else was ever interested in learning. maybe he will do another one some time.

Monday, November 20, 2006

a japanese kinda night

haha, so we went out with bijan's girlfriend and a bunch of her friends for a night on the town. went to lilly in little italy and danced, drank all that jazz. we all had a lot of fun. when we got back to ayham's we chilled and i was ready to crash. all of a sudden we decided we wanted to go wait in line for the nintendo wii. so we got up, got dressed and headed out to bay and dundas at 4:30 a.m. the line was pretty long and we joined in. i've never met so many fun nerds. i was terribly drunk and really cold but afterwards i believe i can say it was worth it. reminded me of highschool. anyway, i haven't slept in so long. the wii is so fun to play by the way.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lost and Found

if you remember, diab, ayham, tai and myself went to BC this summer for some fun and hijinx. i don't know if i mentioned it, but diab had lost one of his memory cards for his camera so we didn't get to see his photos. fortunately, he found it in his shorts just recently. i've added the pics to the folder. you can see them here. good ol' diab, always causing trouble...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

happy halloween

so halloween kicked some ass this year. the 28th at 28 cecil was a great success. the decorating, the planning, the people. it all worked out. thanks to everyone for coming. we had a keg and booze for sale, broke even at the end and let everyone who was remaining at 3am drink for free until we were dry. it was a long, fun night. the house looked awesome too. too bad it was a cold night but it made it so everyone crammed inside. i'm glad i have these photos because i can't remember everything. check em out.

jesse as my arch nemesis, brain bag's alter-ego, gui-lo

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the 28th at 28

All are welcome to the third annual halloween bash at 28 Cecil St. on October 28, 2006, anytime after dark.

Bring friends, bring costumes and bring yourselves.

Print and post the flyer. Forward the email. Be afraid!

Monday, October 09, 2006

bani and the block party

so bani had a birthday party and it was pretty fun. we got loaded and when we came back we called up to the people on the third floor of the house across from 28 cecil and they invited us up for some hijinx. we're all now fast friends. they ended up coming to the block party we threw the following week. here are pics from both nights.

everyone at the red room Posted by Picasa

maybe we have all been drinking Posted by Picasa

ayham, have you been drinking? Posted by Picasa

lanterns and rock

went to the chinese lantern festival at ontario place with jin. it was the tackiest, most expensive overrated cultural event of the season. kinda just like china. i couldn't really figure it out. everyone there was chinese, they seemed wowed by everything. they did a great job on the lanterns but the perfomance we witnessed for 5 minutes was terrible as was the food. i had a good time though. the best part of the night for me, however, was seeing ratatat at lee's palace afterwards. they rocked like you could never imagine. i thought all their stuff was electronic but they really play that shit. the crunchy distortion, bopping heads, tapping feet, it was great. see the pics.

cute little guy. c'mon over here buddy. c'mon, don't worry. everything will be just fine. i won't hurt you. wanna carrot? Posted by Picasa

the chinese lantern festival was pretty cool. even though it was pretty sucky. figure that one out. Posted by Picasa

monkey, monkey, monkey Posted by Picasa

bbq in the beach

another fine day spent at the beach. can't even remember why we went. it was fun though. we burried jesse in the sand and invented a new sport. see the pics.

monkeys Posted by Picasa

haha, we buried jesse in the sand and made him into a mermaid. Posted by Picasa

care for a game of footbolf? a game jesse and i invented. quite fun actually. Posted by Picasa

tai's birthday

for tai's birthday, kris planned a little surprise. we had cake and acted silly. i also took advantage of this cool setting on my new camera. ayham's appartment is all painted yellow so i was able to make that the only colour picked up by my cam. they look prety neat. check em out.

happy birthday tai, enjoy your cake Posted by Picasa

some pic of a crazy girl i met on the street when i was going to get munchies. she was photography student and i was showing her how to use the apperature for different effects.  Posted by Picasa

a pic of jesse looking like a host on SNL Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

zoo with the family

so my dad and bro came into town and we spent a day at the zoo. i can't remember the last time we were at the zoo all five of us. it was a great day. it threatened rain the whole day but managed to hold off until we took a late afternoon lunch. it didn't rain again until we were in the car on the way home. perfect! a lot of the animals were pretty animated too. i was glad to see the hippos actually move. they are like giant sausages with legs. my only grievance with the toronto zoo is that it is sooooo spread out. maybe they were originally supposed to get more animals and then didn't. i don't know but it was a lot of walking. i mean, they don't even have penguins. but they do have a lot of other crazy things. check out the pics.