Wednesday, May 31, 2006

insanity in vancity

wowee. diab was back from the uae and wanted to see more of canada than the GTA so we booked flights to vancouver and headed out as the weather was turning ugly in ontario. i hadn't been there since i was 12 or something so we were all pretty stunned as to how beautiful everything was there. we hooked up with tai's girl christina and our buddy govind who was there for work, and took off for vancouver island and the sleepy city of victoria. it rained on us a little bit but we managed to cause a ruckus. overall though, we felt victoria was for old people. so we headed back to vancouver. govind let us stay in his hotel for a bunch of nights and so we just went out at night with friends we all had who had ended up in vancity. during the day we went to capilanno bridge and saw the giant redwoods. man those are some big-ass trees. we decided to walk into the forest at stanley park and got kinda lost. one of the most eventful nights in vancouver was the night that kris threw a bbq and invited all her friends to meet us. they are all mostly asians from richmond who stuck to themselves but there were a few wild ones that partied it up with the toronto crew. mid-week we headed north to a small town called pemberton that was just past whistler. the mountains were gorgeous and the weather was hot. when we got out at one tourist spot, some waterfall or something, we had our car broken into and mine and tai's mp3 players stolen as well as ayham's itrip. bitches. we didn't let it get us down though and we got to pemberton. we let some locals sell us a fake fishing map and some poles and we walked along some train tracks like the littlest hobos (not homos) but never saw a bear or a fish or even a bird. the next day we headed toward a mountain trail and saw where all the fisherman were. damn bastard locals. anyway, we had a powow with mary jane and walked into the woods. the snow was up to our waists and kind of crusty on top so you never knew when you were going to fall through. at first it kind of sucked because it was cold and wet and the tape we wrapped around our ankles because we didn't have hiking boots started to cut into our skin. then we got lost and it started getting fun. there was a glacial lake, we had a bonfire and cooked us some pb and jam sandwiches, saw fairies, peed in snow in the middle of may, and found our way home. the rest of the night we just played frisbee in the full moonlight as it reflected off the snowcaps of the looming mountains. back in vancity, we partied some more, had a great night at one club in particular and managed to catch our plane. it was great to get together with everyone again and i hope it becomes a regular thing with this group. there are some good shots here so check out the pics. cheers.

the boys (after their male bonding moment) strike a pose for mysterious fifth man. Posted by Picasa

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