Monday, August 28, 2006

dave's cottage

in the dark i can smell the alcohol on my breath, the air inside the sleeping bag recycling through me. there is a tense calm and then the bell rings. three times the muffled ding, ding, ding sounds out over the calm lake, rattling the silence of dusk in the forest. i take a fateful hop forward. stumble. tumble into the mass of bodies in front of me. a boot is pressing against the back of my neck. the heat is overwhelming. the air inside is mostly carbonmonoxide. i lunge again. worm wars has begun.

my first experience at dave's cottage and subsequently my first worm wars. had a blast. tai, ernest, and some girls, jonah, shona, jesse, sol, jordy, dave, i and others i can't remember right now. bonfires, drums, poker, swimming, sailing, canoeing, rowing, trolling, catching small mouth, barbecue and friedman family reunions (?). see the pics.

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