Sunday, July 15, 2007

off again

this is sort of like timelapse photography except that there is little correlation between shots. ultimately, these pics are just glimpses of my life the last couple months. the first is canada day in toronto. the second my pally andrew and his gorgeous daughter. my cousin sean and i at a bar after seeing kid koala play. finally, a pic of the view from my mom's front yard in the beach. i'm messing with it to see how i could use it for some flyers or somethign. anyway, tomorrow i leave for the uae, oman and syria. i'm pretty excited but not nearly as much as i would expect. i guess it will hit me when i get there and i see my buddies ayham and diab. i'm going to try and keep this blog going like i did in asia. hopefully you will all be able to keep up with me in my travels. i will be glad to have the company. good luck, peace, love, happiness and all that... j

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mom said...

Jamie- wow I was trying to email you last week but i am checking your blog. Pictures are great especially this one!!! Say Hi to everyone for me !! Stay safe, Thinking of you. Good luck with job search. Had a great Jazz festival -met people from Cape Cod who were a riot. Love MOMXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000