Wednesday, October 31, 2007


sorry to everyone who is remotely interested in my life and reads my blog from time to time. i know i have been bad lately. it is nearly november and i have yet to make a post about my time since moving here. i promise one will be coming soon. for now, here is an update.

I am moving into my new villa this weekend after a month and a half of shifty realtors, strange laws, u-turns and spinney's parking lots. the place is in umm sequeim 2, near the burj al arab, close to the beach with a shared pool and gym. it is really big with 5 bedrooms. next steps are to find some roommates, buy furniture and then relax a little. it will be one of 20 things to cross off my list before i can feel like i live here. other things still pending are: visa, bank account, canadian taxes, fix my phone, set up internet, get a car, etc.

on the work front, i have just moved into my new digs at business bay, which is the prime real estate in dubai. it is right below the burj dubai, the world's tallest tower. my office will have a basketball court, jam space, games room, indoor garden, and more. when it is finished being constructed i'll make a video tour or something. as far as work goes, i like my job. it is fun and the people are young and friendly. my clients are ok too. i'm just still trying to sort myself out here and make myself as useful as i can.

recently i've done lots of fun things. been to numerous house parties, performed a show with my new band, beach parties, gone camping, clubbing, fine dining, swimming, drinking... i've met lots of people too. it's really easy here because everyone is transient. people are outgoing but sometimes fake. you have to weed out the fake ones. basically i just go through my phone list once a week and delete any names that i don't remember who they are. there were 12 last week to give you an idea of how easy it is to meet people here. the two guys i am going to live with are awesome too and i hope that our new roommates will be as cool.

anyway, that's good for now i hope. later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie:
I am jealous and really hope you stay there long enough to visit you. Sounds like such an interesting world. Busy is good at your age. Dont think we have any offices like yours will be over here. You have a band? Waiting for pics.Lvoe you
Auntie Chrissy

James17930 said...

If you're using any of the music that you me and Jessie wrote together I expect royalties.

(ha ha -- maybe).

Inspired said...

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