Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Explosion in Dubai

there was a fire this morning at around 7 am. i could see the huge fountain of black smoke ascending over the industrial area of dubai on my way to a conference. i knew something had happened so i tuned into a local radio station and the guy on the radio was kinda freaking out. he was explaining that the authorities were closing sections of the major highway and that they recommended people don't go outside. this could only mean that the smoke was toxic. after my conference, i came home and saw that the smoke persisted. it was 11 hours later. i went to my rooftop and took these pics and video. rumours say that it was a fireworks factory or something that exploded. i can only imagine how many low-waged south-asian workers died. we will probably never know and just be told that no one was seriously injured. such is the daily news in 'paradise'. This video is way cool.

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