Wednesday, April 01, 2009

what's next???

i have much to update you on. today is april fool's day and while this is something to celebrate in itself (i just got my boss), it holds more significance to me. in four days i will be 29...

while i don't usually dwell on birthdays, this past year has been full of fun, unexpected surprises so i thought it would be worth it to recap for you all.

first i heard that Kaitlyn and Mike are getting married, then Tyler and Adrianne. Great news for my sis and bro and their fiancees. the swell in my heart when i heard this good news about my younger siblings was amazing.

i had a great year with rory. we went to kuala lampur, italy, hong kong, and toronto. spent many days chilling on the beach. we enjoyed a relaxed holiday season making christmas cards that we never got around to sending out. she's in korea at the moment and i am looking forward to picking her up at 5 in the morning from the airport.
my mom came to visit in november. she is doing great and i am very proud of her though i miss her very much. we had a lot of fun dune bashing in the desert, roaming around the souks in dubai and i'm sure she enjoyed the beach and sunshine. it was really great just catching up and for her to get to know rory.

dad visited in february and we had an equally great time. we took a trip to egypt and saw some amazing things. i was impressed he could keep up with me and more often i was chasing him through the ancient tombs of obscure pharaohs, his eyes lit up with a toddler's curiosity. cold stella in smoky, dingy makeshift bars, sheesha in luxor alleyways, koshary and the ancient labyrinth of cairo's old souk: these are memories i'll keep forever.

work is going well. new projects and old projects are converging so i am busier than ever but considering how the rest of the world is faring, i'm happy. i go to tunisia just after my birthday and i've travelled to doha, cairo and beirut for work so it's been nice to see some of the region as well.

the rest is same old jamie: making some music, playing some basketball, partying with friends, enjoying the day, moving forward...

so i know this is supposed to be a travel blog but i don't seem to have time to upload all the photos from my trips so i thought this abstract would suffice for the moment. i promise to get all my adventures up here soon. in the meantime, just know that i am well and making the most of each day. i miss everyone dearly but am happy to have many friends and loved ones here as well.

this year has been one to remember and that is the best birthday present i could hope for.

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