Wednesday, June 22, 2005

bye bye shanghai

i am leaving this afternoon for yangshuo in guanxi province, which is in south west china. i plan to do what my friend raj suggested and treck around the rice terraces and go into some minority villages. i hope to eventually make to hong kong before my first entry visa expires. i hope i update my blog there but if not there might not be much here until i arrive in hk. miss you all very much by the way. and if i don't get the chance to get online on the 27th, happy birthday tyler.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie:
I am so enjoying your adventures. Your pictures have been incredible. I definitely have some favorites. The driving sounds even faster and more chaotic than I found in India. How will life ever measure up when you return? You've taken some great people photos and those faces tell remarkable stories I'm sure. I'm sure this will be one of your life's highlights. Are your spiritual moments profound? We are all well and I showed Grammi how to get into your blog and she's loving it. So take care, be safe and savoir this time in such an incredible part of the planet.
Auntie Chrissy
Miss you alot!