Monday, August 08, 2005

nanning, guanxi province, china

so diab had an extra week and wanted to get out of hk. i was going to go to yunnan province after vietnam but thought that it would be good to travel with a buddy. so we took off from hk and went to shengzhen to catch an overnight bus to nanning. nanning is a large city (dirty, noisy, smelly) just like any other in china. the difference was that it was diab's first experience in the country and he was surprised to find it so different from hk. it was really hot and we found this pool table in a small bar at the end of a street so we had a couple beers and played with this cool guy. we had a train to catch that evening for kunming so we didn't see much. here are some pics.

a guy in nanning Posted by Picasa

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