Monday, August 08, 2005

third week in hk

so govind showed up first from his little stint in india and by then tai had moved us into a cool hotel on the island in wan chai. he knew a guy who knew a guy or something and we got a great deal. the next day, when diab showed up from the uae, we had already made ourselves at home and had no problem moving him in. it was almost a 28 cecil reunion in hk. first, let me appologize for taking so long to post this. it was just such a busy week. the four of us went out every night all night, partied, ate, saw sights and had a blast. govind was obsessed with the fact that from the front of every 7-11 you could see another one down the street. diab couldn't figure out where all the people were coming from. and i was just happy to have my friends in hk to relieve some of the homesickness i had been feeling. we saw the word's biggest buddha. we took every form of transportation possible. we went to the beach. climbed victoria peak. mong kok, causeway, central, etc. spent some hard-earned cash but oh well. one of the greatest weeks yet. check out the pics. some of them belong to govind and diab but i can't tell you which. they are fun though. cheers, and again sorry for the delay. j

hk from atop victoria peak Posted by Picasa

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