Thursday, June 26, 2008

things i want to do when i go home

a recent facebook wall post i made had me thinking of the random things that i really miss about home. being in a desert metropolis with its utopian facade and ingnorance or indifference towards things like: environment, equality, good shopping, live music, underground culture, any culture for that matter, things that are old and reliable, fast internet, true multiculturalism, public transit, etc. I felt like making a list of all the stuff i took for granted back home. now that i am going back for a couple weeks, i invite anyone who wants to join me in my quest for the little things that make life in canada great.

so far the list includes:

  • go to a good live indie rock show
  • watch squirrels and seagulls in the beaches
  • eat dirty chinese food, probably at kum jug
  • hang out in kensington market
  • drink soju at a good karaoke bang
  • throw a frisbee
  • buy clothes from thrift stores and stores that don't belong to giant retail or luxury chains
  • eat some street meat,
  • go to a house party
  • spend some time with mary jane
  • go to the islands and bike around
  • climb a tree
  • swim in fresh water
  • ride on public transit
  • drink rain
  • spend a good portion of time going between the sun and the shade to feel the temperature difference
  • go on a roadtrip to some random small town (preferrably getting lost along the way)
  • go to a cottage, wake up at dawn and walk through the trees, the morning call of woodland pheasants leading me as the dewy forest floor soaks my shoes
  • eat pork
  • go blueberry picking in sudbury, ontario
  • give lots and lots of hugs and kisses to my grammi

feel free to offer suggestions of other things. this list has gotten me really excited.

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Anonymous said...

go blueberry picking in Sudbury, Ontario