Monday, July 14, 2008

ciao italia

just because the euro looks like monopoly money doesn't mean you don't have to mortgage your stake in the electric company to buy bottled water in milan. that is the first lesson learned in the great country of the mario bros. the second is that dipping your sweaty, stinky, aching feet in a cold fountain is like viagara for the soul.

so another whirlwind tour of great cities had rory and i hoofing it around the diagonal streets of the cosmopolitan italian city of milan and then again in venice. we took trains, boats, planes and subways but covered most ground by foot. it was great to walk again like i used to in toronto. italy was nice and romantic and we had a great time but there is nothing really amazing to report. it was kinda how we expected.

venice was very romantic if not touristy. even when we had to commission a boat to speed us down the canal so that we could make the last train, we were gazing into each others' eyes like dorky teenagers.

anyway, the trip reinforced my idea of europe as a travel destination for when i am older. not too much excitement, safe, expensive...the kinda place you can take your kids. it was great to get away though and it was nice having such beautiful company.

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amazing photos there:)