Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hong to the kong

i love not working. i love my friends. i love hong kong. these three things put together can not be described in words. my 9 day trip to my favorite city on the planet was a non-stop party and an all-around great time. if anything, it reaffirmed my love for the city, the people, the transit, the geography, the lifestyle and the energy. the trip was great because, even though it was my second time there, a new slew of people made it from all over the globe.

james from taipei; vlad, govind, alex from toronto; rory, ayham and i from the uae; and epa and tai from hong kong. not to mention girlfriends, friends, sisters and randoms came along for the ride too. i would especially like to thank epa and dorcas for showing us a good time. wakeboarding and partying and boating and restaurants and all that. you guys are great hosts.

there are plenty of pics so here are some select ones.

so where next?


James17930 said...

Aye -- twas grand fun.

Preeta said...

hey...love reading about ur travels. Think you've been to Vietnam as well? Have u blogged on that trip? Nikhil and I would like to plan a 2 weeks trip in Vietnam this summer. Any tips will be great!