Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh canada

i had a great trip back home. it was short, 2 weeks, but was jam-packed with fun times, relaxation and a reacquaintance with my homeland. i don't really get homesick but that doesn't mean that i can't reminisce and haunt my old stomping grounds. after being in dubai for a year, i've come to realize that toronto is an amazing city. dubai's alright but it just doesn't have the electric feel.

i came with rory, who worked the etihad flight from abu dhabi. it was great because we had a weekend together in toronto and i got to show her around a bit. she met my parents who had come to meet me as well as a brief introduction to my cousins sean and sarah. there was a lot of walking involved and a lot of great eating. after the weekend, rory flew back and my parents and i went to sudbury. i got to see my grammi and my auntie colleen and auntie chrissy and unkle jim. i stayed at my mom's new place and spent a few days just visiting. it was nice to catch up with everyone, even though i didn't get to hang with my cousins as usual.

i spent the last week back in toronto just spending the days wandering around the city and catching up with friends. i saw my friend renu's new baby and most of my toronto friends. i regret that both my brother and sister were in BC and i couldn't see them. i also wish i could have made it to ottawa to see my friends there. i just didn't want to spend all my time travelling as i only had two weeks.

it was great seeing all of you and i appologize to those i couldn't catch up with. i also know i left in a bit of a hurry. don't worry, i'll be back and y'all can come visit us here in the desert anytime.

i flew back and arrived home just in time for a large house party at my place. such is the dubai life i guess. pics can be found here.

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