Friday, December 24, 2010

In Korea, 'tis the season to make threats

So over at our other blog In Yeon, we have a post about Christmas in South Korea and its growing popularity as Christianity as well as consumer and pop cultures begin to bloom. Korea really is a nice place during Christmas. They do all the lights, the weather is chilly and often snowy. People exchange gifts and it still isn't overdone like in the West.

However, this year, there is a different purpose for the lights and cheer... Propaganda! South Korea have erected a giant Christmas tree at the border with North Korea, likely in a bid to piss them off following recent months of posturing related to the North's sinking of a battle ship and shelling of a South Korean island. 

I personally think it is funny that Christmas lights can inflict such damage to a regime's psyche.

Merry Christmas I guess.

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