Monday, July 11, 2005

hong kong is sweeet!

hong kong. the asian island city. the next atlantis? i am having a hard time describing it compared to other cities i have been in asia. it is modern like tokyo. it is western like shanghai. but it is altogether unique and vibrant, flooded with people at all hours, clean and very very hot. millions of people live on top of one another in soaring sky scrapers, so tightly packed together that from a distance they look like floating cities. but somehow hk manages to stay green and lush and relatively easy to navigate. anyway, on my first day, i walked across the border from china in like ten minutes. i took a train to the main tourist area in kowloon and checked stuff out while i waited for tai. he ended up telling me to meet him at his friends place and i took the transit and a cab to get there. well my first impression of a hong kong dwelling was a large mansion on a mountain overlooking the islands. it had four golf greens for chipping and putting, a gorgeous pool, there were nine dogs, two chefs (who made us homemade chocolate and caramel cakes with icecream), eight maids, i don't know. it was just crazy. then the guy's driver took us downtown where tai and i took the subway back to his place. the next day we went wakeboarding around the islands. tai's friend's yaght picked us up and we met up with his friend and his speed boat. it was a fun day but tai split his head and i didn't get a chance to go. got a great view of the city though on the way back as the sun set. we got tai some stiches and met up with some girls i met in shanghai and went to a cafe that was filled with cats. the next day i bought some baskeball shoes and a cellphone (that's right you heard me. i finally got one) my number is (852)97218106. went for a bikeride yesterday and met up with tai's friends and watched a movie. i don't know. it has been busy but i am having fun (spending a bit much but...). anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics from china. here are the ones from my first week in hk. cheers.

tai getting some serious air just before cracking his head open on his board. haha Posted by Picasa

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