Saturday, July 02, 2005

in yangshou

i arrived in yangshou from guilin. this town is sort of what i imagine khosan road to be like in bangkok. there are tons of foreigners and chinese tourists and no lack of western restaurants. not really how i thought i would end my china tour but i am glad to be eating western food for a change. it is really beautiful though and not hard to get away from the modern town. i met some people in guilin and came to yangshou with them. we went rafting on bamboo rafts down the river and then biked through all these minority villages surrounded by ricefields and mountains. so beautiful. it rains on and off here but stays extremely hot and humid regardless. i don't know how much longer i will stay but it will only be a few days, as i have to get to hong kong soon. i will post the pics later.

yangshou is really pictoresque. these limestone hills are everywhere. Posted by Picasa

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