Sunday, July 17, 2005

second week in hk

time is flying here in hk. already my second week. this one went by a little quieter than the last. played a lot of basketball, had a lot of great meals with friends and relatives of tai. went to a few clubs. slept in real late. spent more money on stuff. i didn't take many pics because, as i said, this was a relaxing week. when diab and govind get here i will do more sightseeing and then i will have good pics for all y'all. oh and i left my brand new cellphone in a cab last night so that phone number i gave in the last post is now obsolete. i have to buy another one. i am a twit.

'have you seen this guy? he owes me money.' that is the translation of this poster. Posted by Picasa

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mom said...

Jay'your blog is so
exciting!!! All of your friends and family can travel vicariously with you on your journey. Hi to Tai and all your friends. We love you and are so proud of what you are experiencing. Stay safe. love your pics. Bye for now. Love MOMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000