Saturday, July 02, 2005


i took a four hour bus ride from yangshou to an area called longsheng where the mountains are all sculpted to grow rice. it is absolutely awesome to see and i hope my pics can do them justice. we arrived in a small village and climbed the mountains to get a great view of the terraces from above. i was planning on going to another town called sangjiang where there are lots of minority villages and more terraces with less tourists but the roads were all washed out in floods and i had to return to yangshou. the bus broke down on the way back though and took five hours. it is raining a lot these days so i think i will leave for hk soon. i look forward to seeing my buddies there.

longsheng is an area where there are huge rice terraces built into mountains. i can only imagine how long it took to make these but they are hundreds of years old. Posted by Picasa

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