Monday, May 23, 2005

beihai park is soooo nice

the sun was brilliant and warm on this day so i took to the streets of beijing solo in search of some greater understanding of the universe and blah blah blah. i don’t think i found anything concrete but i did find a great park. there were many private walled gardens with ponds, lily pads and even turtles and i just strolled along with my mp3 player providing the soundtrack. into the first 10 minutes i badly sprained my ankle and thought my day was through but mustered enough machismo to endure the pain for another four hours. my camera battery died early though so not many pics. also, i am having trouble loading anything today. i met a guy in the park who came up to me and sat down. he introduce himself in terrible english as jack and we tried to converse about what i was doing by myself in a romantic park such as this one. i explained as best as i could that i was soul searching. i think he understood that as meaning i was looking for a soul mate. he proceeded to tell me i was very handsome and that his girlfriend broke up with him recently because she didn’t think he was very good looking. it was a touching story actually. i excused myself politely and went on with my walking, trying very hard not to attract anymore sexually confused chinese boys. i will show the pics once i figure out why nothing is working online in this country.

giant buddha in a shrine at beihai park

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