Monday, May 30, 2005

a child in a cart in pingyao Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God Jamie i feel your pain. This time when i was in karachi my friend insisted we eat some of Karachi's best deep friend 'broast chicken' (basically friend chicken, that's what they call it in pakistan, and i kept asking him if it would be safe to eat and he insisted that it was perfectly safe) anyway a few hours later at 2 am i could not sleep and felt incredibly weird... i woke up at 3 am to puke, went to bed and slept soundlessly.

The next senario was when i fractured my toe and had some allergic reaction to the medication and had the runs real bad... Man those were bad times...i had to cancel the flight to london... i couldn't fly with such a brutal case of the shits... but i though i would share the pain. You're a brave lad to fly that way.

Now we are "Brother's in Runs" like the dire straights brothers in arms song. Seeya later poopie pants.