Friday, May 13, 2005

last days in korea

first off let me say that the connections in china are less than great. i can't even see my own blog because it is being censured but i can still post. that means that if anything is wrong with it i need you guys to email me and let me know. so i took off to the western island of yongyu in the yellow sea to get some sun and relax on a quiet beach. turns out that it was cold and rainy and that beaches in korea don't have the same sanitation standards as others i've been to. so anyway, i did meet a bunch of korean kids who are studying german and they invited me to hang out, play some games and drink with them. they left the next day though and i found myself clambering up wet rock faces high above the water. it was a grey day and i couldn't keep myself occupied so i went back to my hotel and tried to write. i cought the bus back into incheon and hopped on the ferry. that is the last of korea. (tear) great place. hope to go again. here are the pics.

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