Friday, May 13, 2005

in weihai

you have to understand the extraordinary luck i have been having (knock on wood). i am the only foreigner on the ferry to weihai, a relatively sleepy town of 2.5 million in china, and apparently the only english speaking one, until my friend G walked into the bunk room. he and i hit it off very well and, though he doesn't think so, his english is really good. the 14 hour ferry went by relatively fast. he is a 'home-stay' student living with two other korean girls who are also studying chinese. he introduced me to them and they invited me to stay at their place. i can't begin to tell you how relieved i was because i had no plan and haven't picked up mandarin very well. the four of us had a great time. i played basketball at the university, we hung out at the beach, i made spagghetti, we watched movies, played pool, did karaoke, and despite the language barrier, managed to have a really fun three days together. hopefully G, Ju-Ju and Julie will find the time to come to beijing for a visit. they put me on the 20 hour train to the capital and that was that. the train ride killed me. i have had no sleep, i am getting a cold and i think the chinese coal miner sleeping next to me gave me tb. i did meet another friend though. chris lives in beijing but goes to school in thailand. he speaks english really well too and hopefully he will be able to show me around the city a little. anyway, i need sleep. i think i am hiking the great wall tomorrow. will fill you all in. here are the pics. j

l to r - me, G, christen, julie and ju-ju. great people, great new friends. Posted by Hello

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