Wednesday, May 04, 2005

suwon and modern dance

yesterday was a busy day. i woke pretty early and headed south on the subway for an hour and a half to a city called suwon. i could see myself owning a place here and coming at certain times of the year. very beautiful, very old and very cool city. it was originally a fortified city built five hundred years ago. the Japanese and mother nature weren’t kind but the government has begun rebuilding parts and it looks great. there are about 1.2 million people living there and a little less than half still live within the walls. there is a beautiful diverted river and flowers and markets and highways and thirty story buildings all surrounded by four giant ancient gates, eight strategic outposts, secret entrances and a lot of stone wall. anyway, i walked around the city and through the city along the river. i was also the highlight of a lot of schoolchildren’s day and i guess they were kind of mine too. korean kids will find any excuse to practice their english. it is a lot different than in japan. so yeah…i made it home in time to make it to my friend kim’s modern dance recital. it was really good. pretty abstract but beautiful. today i am taking it easy, getting ready for china. i have too many languages in my head now and i need to defragment my brain. here are the pics. cheers.

one of the guard posts beside the north floodgate in suwon Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Wow sound like you're havaing an amazing trip! And your pictures are incredible... happy travels!