Monday, May 16, 2005

the great wall of china

so on my first day in beijing i thought i would take it easy and do a 10km hike along the only man-made structure visible from outer space. wow. the day was a little cloudy but man was it beautiful. i can't really explain it. you could feel ancient ghosts of patrolling soldiers as you walked along the broken stone relic, mongolian rice fields cut into the hills on the left and chinese forests on the right. the walk took all day and was at sometimes pretty dangerous. this wasn't the touristy part of the wall but one that was way out. we started in a remote village and hiked up to the first tower. in total we passed 30 towers, each on a different mountain top. at the end we took a zipline to where our bus was waiting. the pics might be a little repetitive but trust me, this wall is huge. here are the photos. only some would load. i will try to get the rest on there soon.

yeah, i guess it's kind of great:) Posted by Hello

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