Monday, May 30, 2005


i am no longer in asia. that is how everyone reacts to shanghai. glitzy and new and full of old french and british buildings. my hostel is cool. it is right on the bund and has a great view of pudong. the first two days here though, i was ill from the fruit and soju in xian. i even went to see star wars yesterday and had to leave for the bathroom the last half hour of the movie, i missed everything. oh well, i feel good today and am looking forward to sitting in the sun.

view from my hostel of the bund in shanghai Posted by Hello


Tai said...

hey jamie happy to hear you feel better , i bit u didn't wash ur foods, you got to becareful of the eating in china, make sure the food is cook and clean , and give ur a tip, make sure you wash or clean before u use all the tools (food)

Diab (Anas) said...

Jamie Read, it's been a long time since I checked your page, but i just went through your messages for May and it seems like you are making some unforgettable memories, and most of them are fun. so i am happy for you..let me know where you think you will be around amonth form now. ( say the second week of july). i have a couple of weeks off around that time.. and i just might be able to meet up with you somewhere.
p.s. for some stupid reason i cant access your photos anymore. dont loose them, i will take them from you when i see you.
take care,
DIB ;)