Saturday, April 23, 2005

another day in busan

my second and last day in busan was spent again climbing mountains. i walked for about an hour up a long hill to a large buddhist temple outside the city. it was beautifully adorned with colourful lanterns and tapestries. there were about 10 minor shrines and one large one where the monks were performing a large ceremony for the locals. i prayed for 15 minutes in one shrine before i began feeling unwelcome. after checking out this temple, there was a path that supposedly led to other temples on the mountain. i decided to take an offbeaten trail though and kind of got lost. it was all good, however, because i found a nice rock sticking up out of the dense forest and sat in the sun meditating as i listened to the prayers spilling from the distant temples echoing through the valley. really nice. then i went back in to the city to look for a park that again was on top of a mountain. i managed to arrive just before sunset and took some photos of the city. please see the photos here.

the roof of a buddhist monastary in the mountains outside busan Posted by Hello

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