Wednesday, April 06, 2005

a beautiful day

so the sun was shining like crazy and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. i just walked and took it all in. i went to a great big buddhist temple in asakusa. i met up with james and we walked around. it was a beautiful day so before heading to meet our friends for dinner, we decided to drink beers on the patio of my hostel, which overlooks the river. we went to a ghetto karaoke place but it was fun. here are some pictures. check em out.

this is me in front of a big buddhist temple in asakusa Posted by Hello


Sahar said...

Hiya Jamie!!!
wowzas.....I am living vicariously through your blog.... Japanese chicks rule...If you're going to Osaka i'll drop my mate Shiz a line, see if she is free to show you around..unless you guys are ok. You and Jamie look like you're both having an awesome time... please have some sake sushi for me... yum yum yum...eternal bounds of sushi.... heaven...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
This is Shanny and GRAMMI!!!! I just showed her your pictures and she loved them. She misses you terribly and wishes you all the best in your travels.
Love GRAMMI and Shanny