Thursday, April 21, 2005

holy $&*#

k, so this guy who is friends with the hostel owner in seoul just comes crashing in all excited about driving the lot of us, which is about eight people, up this great big mountain to a lookout so that we can snap photos of the skyline. it has been raining pretty hard at this point for five hours and it didn't look to be letting up but we crawled into his jeep and held our breath. i have never felt more scared in a motor vehicle since my first go-cart flipped over the tire wall. the driver has this maniacal laugh that burst out of his large gut with one single 'whoooaaa hao' and he would explode like that everytime we nearly died to add an extra edge of fear on the experience. so we get to the top of the winding road and take a few pics and then all of a sudden, as we are held hostage in the vehicle, moving very quickly down a dark, slick mountain road, he lets out a "whoooaa hao to the riverrrrr". so next thing we know we are dodging cars and people, running red lights and making u-turns on freeways through the downtown to the hangang river. he talks his way past a guard at the gate of a private park and we soak ourselves trying to find a good place to take a picture but it is raining too hard. reluctantly, we get back in the car and 'whoooaa hao' we are heading downtown again. all in all we drove for three hours. it was a lot of fun but i don't think i will do it again. funny thing is that everyone drives like that. i think it was the laugh that did it for me.

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