Tuesday, April 05, 2005

arrival in tokyo

so i am here and writing this on wednesday in the morning even though back home i am still celebrating my birthday. i had a decent trip. it was long but i met some people on the plane who are going to tailand to do relief work and some nice japanese people who showed me that i was going in wrong directions. last night i met up with james and we went to naomi's for dinner. her place is really cool and authentically japanese. i began feeling the jetlag though and on my way home fell asleep standing up on the subway. a number of times i actually fell over onto people (oh and yes the subway really is as crowded as they show on tv) but i made it to my hostel and fell asleep. my first day. wow. it is starting to hit me. approximately 180 days left. i think i will check out the cherry blossom festival today and will show you the pics. i have my first japanese photos if you click here.

naomi invited me for a nice birthday dinner and i blew out the tofu cake candles Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it alright. The pictures look great. Happy Birthday man! Enjoy your stay and keep me updated. I will email you soon.


Sahar said...

Hi Jamie,
I am so happy you reached Tokyo all safe and sound, i thought you weren't going until next month. I would have known if i had come to your party, sorry i didn't make it. I promise to make it to your welcome back party!!!

You aren't missing much in ontario, yesterday i drove past a SWAT team swarming a money mart on the Danforth. Also my cat has worms, either than that i still have no job and my life is just as aimless as the last time you met me. Tell Naomi i said hi.
Take care and happy belated birthday,

Tai said...

what sup Read...hahah..im glad you like it there so far....i bit from now on everyday in ur life will be different ,you will something you never seen...so how's ur jetlag,i think it will take usually 2 or 3 days to over it ,,,but i am sure you will be fine ,how's the food in japan..?i hope you will enjoy the foods there, even you don't like fish that much ..haha..you you can still eat there noodles..i really can't wait to see you in HK in july or whenever man....anyway have fun n we keep in touch alirght...peace