Saturday, April 30, 2005

hi seoul festival opening ceremony

i went to the tourist information centre near city hall to find out some info on where i catch the ferry to china and saw that they were setting up a big stage and had kiosks all over the place. i asked what was up and they handed me the flyer for the hi seoul festival. i stuck around and ate then went to to the 7-11 for some beer and snacks, parked myself on the lawn in front of city hall and waited. it got packed really quickly and people were giving me their food and newspapers to sit on. it was really nice. the main attraction was a joe yong pi, a very famous guy i guess because all these old women were screaming his name and new all his lyrics. after the concert they had fireworks and a lazer light show, using city hall as a canvas. i then met some people who were headed to a big street party that was going on until 5am. we danced to korea's top djs and i got really sweaty. i would have stayed but i had my bag and it was awkward to dance. i went home and tried to sleep. i think i will go to another hostel today. it is just too crowded and disorganized here lately. i will let you know how that goes. here are some pics.

korea's most famous pop star was playing a free concert so i sat through it. pretty good actually. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie
It'auntie Chris!!!
I love the pictures, they look great. I'm glad to see you are having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you and hear all your stories.

We all miss you.
Auntie Chris and Uncle Jimbo

Anonymous said...

Boring old sahar over here wishing you many more rock starish events to dance the nights away.....

Here's to wishing i was a squid...

PS: I like that name, Uncle Jimbo... i wish i had a nickname like Jimbo....