Sunday, April 10, 2005

hanami day

so naomi knows this bar owner who was throwing a big hanami in an old grave yard. we got lost on the way there but a young school kid helped us out. when we got there, the petals were falling like volcanic ash and thousands of people were partying amongst the dead. right away we began drinking beers and eating some great food. then an old drunk guy came and offered us all sake. he even bit naomi. i broke out a hacky sack and next thing you know i am giving a clinic to a bunch of excited japanese guys. it was a lot of fun. after, we went back to the bar and played some darts before heading for some karaoke. the aussies and i had to leave after two hours but james, naomi and brandon were there till four. crazy day. here are the pics.

the bar owner cooking up some chicken. hanami baby! Posted by Hello

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Mark Ridout said...

What do you mean, "he even bit naomi"...?