Sunday, April 17, 2005

what a hike

went for a traditional korean dinner with music and everything, the night before two girls from my hostel, one from vancouver and the other from thailand, and i went to climb this mountain. it has a small buddhist temple at it's peak. it was a long way up but we got to pass through this whole abandoned neighbourhood. i don't know why everyone had left but some of the houses were knocked down and there was a lot of furniture and stuff left behind. i saw this freaky hole cut into the side of a hill and risked my life for the first time this trip. it was creepy i didn't want to go in because i could see that a person had made a nest in one corner. i almost died trying to get down. anyway, the top was pretty cool but the smog masked a lot of the city. we went looking for a place to have lunch and found a cool food stall in a food market. it was two dollars canadian for the three of us to eat a lot of food. pretty wicked. then we went to look for a converter for my laptop to plug it in here. we went to giant technology mall. was pretty interesting just wandering all day. that's pretty much it. i took a few pics.

seoul skyline. you can see the smog is bad here. Posted by Hello

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