Friday, April 15, 2005

spring in seoul

so on my first day in seoul i just wandered and got myself lost. luckily for me there are five beautiful palaces and a bunch of shrines and temples here so i went on a couple tours. i mean, temples are temples and i am sure by the time i get to bejing, i will be sick of them, but it is interesting to see the contrasting cultural representations of the buildings. anyway, so i just walked around and came back to the hostel. there is a japanese guy who lives at the hostel and he owns a bar, so a bunch of us went there and had a drink. it was nice. i have lots of pics from this day and they might be a little repetitive but hey, it is my blog. see them here. oh and i fixed the link for the last posting. thanks jenn.

i took a lot of flower shots, sorry. Posted by Hello

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